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Next-Level Haptic Sound Therapy

The Sonosphere is a powerful Vibroacoustic Therapy device, complete with a compact, immersive, sound and light environment.
It was designed for professionals in sound therapy and wellness industries to take thier knowledge and tools to the next level.

The Sonosphere is at the forefront of the vibroacoustic therapy field. This innovative machine uses sound and vibration to stimulate the senses on a scale that's never been seen, while providing a wide range of customizable parameters. The Sonosphere is ideal for the following industry professionals:

  • Sound Healing Practitioners

  • Retreat Owners

  • ​Wellness Professionals

  • Psychedelic Therapy Faciliators

  • Ketamine Therapy Centers

  • Audiophiles/Private Interest


 Vibroacoustic Therapy [VAT] is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their well-being, but our patent pending design is unlike any other. Here are three reasons that The Sonosphere is the most uniquely powerful sound therapy machine on Earth:


There's a reason they don't make rectangle-shaped flutes and trumpets. It's because overtone harmonics are most prevalent where sound waves can reflect off of curved surfaces. Not only is the circle inherent in all of nature's geometries and cycles, it is also naturally a part of sound wave mechanics and enhances the qualities of sonic resonance in an open or closed vibrating system.

The Sonosphere was created as the perfect carrier for haptic waves, which are low-frequency mechanical waves that can effect the human body in very therapeutic ways. This design creates more haptic overtone harmonics.

The Sonosphere is more than just a VAT device - it's a whole new way of experiencing sound. Our close-range ambisonic speaker array provides a 3D surround-sound experience that includes the 'above' and 'below' dimensions, placing you inside of a life-sized  'sphere' of sound. 

Other VAT devices use headphones and have preselected music. On The Sonosphere you can play any music files you want, or even play live music.

This groundbreaking technology allows you to fully immerse yourself in the audio experience, whether you're listening to music, meditating, or simply relaxing.

The Sonosphere is the first VAT device to boast a whopping 4500 watts of power to the haptic transducers. Other VAT/Sound beds on the market typically use between 200-300 watts of power across 4 small tranducers.
Our large haptic transducers from the Guitammer company are frequently used in IMAX theater experiences.  These can provide a wide range pleasing physical sensations.

This epic power is distributed evenly across 10 transducers with individual bank controls for volume, frequency, phase and LFO rate. Driving this spaceship is an audiophile's dream come true.


Create a Sonosphere destination, and become
a leader in the field of Sound Therapy

With our expert training and certification, you can dial in your offerings as a sound practitioner, offering this world-class system to your clients. Besides learning to operate The Sonosphere and facilitate sessions, you will also get a deep dive into live audio engineering, EQ dynamics, track blending, song key identification, harmonics calculations and access to all of our data on frequency and physical response. This year only we are offering 50% OFF our Commercial Licensing Plan OR our Patent Royalty Licensing Plan. We are offering 2 different models of Sonosphere with custom options:


Starting at $111K

• Immersive Sonosphere
• Vibroacoustix Sound Therapy Certification Course
• Sonosphere Operation and Safety Training
• Installation on-location
• Five Year Warranty

• Shipping within the continental USA 
• Sales Tax

4500 Watt Haptic Sound system plus open-air Ambisonic Array (spherical surround sound) for a lux sound bath experience. 

The Immersive Sonosphere includes motor controlled, kinetic sphere w remote controlled LED lighting for relaxing, color baths and inducing a trance-like state.

Includes visual communication system for practioners to get real time client feedback.

Skirted footing at the bottom hides the motor and all wires, creating a 'floating orb' effect when the Sonosphere is placed in a dark room. It can also be made white for projections or projection mapping.



  • Height: 10 ft 4 in  

  • Weight: 1.2 Ton (2400 lb)

  • Floor Footprint: 190 sq ft. + 10 sq ft. for Sound Table

  • Max distance from sound table to SONOSPHERE is 15 ft.  


Starting at $80K

• Clinical Sonosphere
• Vibroacoustix Sound Therapy Certification Course
• Sonosphere Operation and Safety Training

• Installation on-location
• Two Year Warrant

• Shipping within the continental USA 
• Sales Tax

4500 Watt Haptic Sound system plus open-air Ambisonic Array (spherical surround sound) for a lux sound bath experience

The Clinical Sonosphere has no moving or motorized parts.

Includes visual communication system for practioners to get real time client feedback.



  • Height: 9 ft 4 in  

  • Weight: 1 Ton (2000 lb)

  • Floor Footprint: 144 sq ft. + 10 sq ft. for Sound Table

  • Max distance from sound table to SONOSPHERE is 15 ft.  


Sonosphere SPECS

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 5.08.16 PM.png
  • 10 Buttkicker transducers from Guitammer Co.

  • 12 satellite surround speakers from Gallo Acoustics

  • 2 Mackie 15" self-powered subbass 

  • JBL DSi 2.0 MA4 4500 watt/max power amplifier

  • Dyson Audio MA1260 amplifier

  • MOTU 24 channel ambisonic audio interface 

  • TASCAM 2 or 4 channel live audio interface

  • ACAI Control board

Customization options


  • Your choice of platform design: Simple frosted lighted platform or original Torus Yantra

  • Twin sets of silicone padding in your colors (2 head rest, 2 foot rest, 2 torso rest)

  • Your choice of Sonosphere basic paint colors- Space grey, white or black

  • Original metal artwork cut outs on the body of the Sonosphere


  • Extra large 2.5" thick silicone bed pad to cover entire platform

  • Custom metal artwork cutouts on the body of the Sonosphere

  • Custom design on main platform

  • Sonosphere custom delux paint color 


Below are two graphs illustrating potential monthly income- The graph on the right shows monthly income with sessions priced at $120 ea, and the graph on the left shows monthly income with sessions priced at $200 ea.


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monthly-income-sample-sonosphere copy.jpg

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Sonosphere Order Form

$20,000 Deposit Begins Construction


We will be in touch shortly

If you are Interested in ordering a custom Sonosphere for your business, retreat or wellness venture, please use this form to contact us and book a zoom call with us.

Thank You!


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