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Revisions and Setbacks

Thought I would update on our progress lately since I've ramped back up on the Sonosphere work. No one likes revisions- it's anticlimactic having worked on something with all you got and then realize it needs more. Yet iteration is what leads to mastery. The Sonosphere is such a project. Good thing my friends are amazing because I needed help taking it down again. After the last assembly in February we figured out it needed more adjustments before we could turn it on and I was bummed so I just stalled out for a few months, lamenting how I was going to do it. The war also has been grinding on my psyche and making me loose my hope for the world. As a mother, I feel it so much.

We are all connected. I’m learning how much the Sonosphere project has been touched by Russia or Ukraine or China--Just barely was able to secure the exact silicone material I needed for making the gel body pads- price has doubled and is about to triple as supplies are low and imports from China/Russia are banned adding to an already crazy backup in the supply chain due to Covid. And…an artist I was working with (Russian) on a projection skirt for the bottom of the Sonosphere has been cut off from all communication with me by their gov and by Etsy. I have had to adapt and I’m making it myself now.

Many Ukrainian artists I follow and support have been forced to scramble and hide. I see their posts on Instagram- ‘we made it through another night’ Every single morning when I wake up I pray for our people. I say ‘our’ because artists are one family. International borders don’t really concern us. Ours is the territory of the soul.

If you have the luxury of being American right now, use your resources to donate to your ppl who are making a difference or just do your dreams harder. Do it now, before it’s too late. We need you-Your dream of a regenerative future is what saves the world. Thank you to my DEAR friends who help me with the Sonosphere and remind me of the power of my dreams. As I work, I remember those who have to rebuild a whole country, consider my place in the grand scheme, and living purposefully right now. Every move counts. There were 4 issues with the Sonosphere that are now being addressed-

1.) The sphere wouldn't spin (too heavy- needs bearings, grease and more clearance to spin)

2.) Some of the metal arcs are touching the platform, and since it needs to vibrate and move, this wont be good. Need to trim those metal pieces

3.) The structure wobbles a bit. Even though it wont topple over no matter what, it needs to have a new footing made to slide over the base so it wont wobble

4.) it's extremely hard to insert the copper hoops making assembly a long and frustrating process. The top sphere hub part is being remade and will be picked up on Monday! All of the Sonosphere parts were designed on a computer but real life sometimes needs adjustments! We are keeping positive and hope we will be in operation to begin the experiments in May! Thank you for being part of our Sonosphere community.

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