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Sonosphere Update! Trademark, Test Assembly and Platform Complete

Hi friends, thank you for being patient with us as we navigate this project through to completion! We are running a little behind on our previously projected testing schedule- we are now aiming to start the sound testing in late January. We have some great news though- the metal fabrication of the Sonosphere structure is now FINISHED, and we have transported the pieces to our property in La Conner. (The pieces have raw metal surface and still need to be powder coated). Also, at 9 pm last night I finally FINISHED the engraving of the torus yantra onto the plexiglass cymatic platform!! That tooks months, omg! It looks frickn incredible. We set up one of the 4 lights and took some pics. Really pleased with the outcome and how the design shifts with the angle of your vision.

Coming up, Dec 7th is a big day for the Sonosphere, we have planned for Rusty, our Sonosphere fabricator to travel here to La Conner help us do a test assembly where we put the whole thing together, test it in our space, and make sure we have considered every drilled hole in the structure that I will need to pass wires when I do the lighting and sound wiring harnesses. If anyone is available to help us out on the 7th (holding, lifting, supporting) that would be a blessing! Please message us through the website or on Facebook if you wish to participate. I will be making lunch for all who show up to pitch in!

The month of December will be spent assembling all the parts and sound equipment onto the Sonosphere structure and hooking it up! This is most exciting, as we will next be attaching the transducers to the main platform. We have already bought the correct saw blades for turning my dad's woodshop tools into acrylic plastic cutting tools! My dad is helping us by cutting out the thick acrylic discs for mounting our transducers. There are 10 transducers to attach to the platform- this is the main part of the cymatic functionality of The Sonosphere. The discs are being cut from the 1" thick remnant material left over from the acrylic platform construction. We will then drill holes in the disks to mount the transducers and to avoid having to drill into our main cymatic platform that cost us $4K!

We will be using ‘acrylic weld epoxy’ to attach them- and fingers crossed that the epoxy can permanently hold these 12lb transducers off the platform.

The epoxy is a special 'chemical weld' for acrylic so we think it's going to be just fine... This is the hinge pin of our project being successful and it really NEEDS to work! We will update as soon as we try it and we know!

In October, we were gifted some funds to get our trademark started for the name ‘The Sonosphere’- Thank you, Darius Firethorne!. We will now be trademarked in the ‘Sound Healing and Voice and sound therapy’ category! Very cool. We will be pursuing a design patent next!

I am determined to get the Sonosphere at least baseline functional by my birthday, February 11, as a goal, I’ll be turning 40 and I need to see it functional by then! I’ve now spent half my life working on this and I’m chomping at the bit to actually do the work with people. I’m soooo close! Getting the last bit of funding to finish has been hard, so we are putting the metal coatings and pretty much all of the beautiful and artistic elements on the back burner for now while we test the functionality of the transducers and get it going.

We decided it was better to keep going on the project in whatever way we can while we wait to save enough money for the final artistic elements- the metal coatings and the custom ramp (wheelchair accessible) will have to wait. For now we will be using a small step ladder to get onto the Sonophere.

Here we are pioneering some fringe science in the middle of the woods, in the middle of a global pandemic, and after having 2 kids, we are still as determined as ever to finish this incredible dream, and deliver something to world that is newly born- that no one has ever seen, but has been in the wind, in the collective unconscious for centuries. <3

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