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Speakers Acquired! Audio Hardware for the Sonosphere 3.0

Hi Everyone, we are excited to update you that we have finally acquired ALL of the necessary speakers for the Sonosphere 3.0, including 2 of our custom designed sound systems: One ambisonic surround system and the cymatic transducer system (the resonators under the main sitting platform). Last summer of 2020 we purchased the TEN buttkicker shaker transducer speakers from Guitammer company that we needed for the resonance/cymatic system- we are powering them with a professional high powered amplifier usually used in movie theaters to drive banks of shaker transducers under the seats. This is what gives you the rumble in the theaters for explosions and stuff. These transducers will be arranged in banks, and play pure tones which will resonate the platform and the person on top, while the reverberations will also create harmonics that will sound like an instrument singing- one you've never heard before.

Now, over a year later we have finally afforded the rest of the speakers! We decided to go with GALLO ACOUSTICS for our 8 main speakers in the ambisonic circle. This circle of speakers will be around the platform edge and completely surround you. They are HEAVY and high quality full range satellite speakers, the world's finest speakers, made in England. Rowan Firethorne is designing the ambisonic system in conjunction with Ableton Live and the Envelop Master Bus to create a 12 point surround sound that is both above and below as well as surround, creating a 3D sound effect that will be used in conjunction with the resonance/cymatic system. Another plus is...they came in CHROME!!!! YAssssss!

Next we have the upper carousel of 4 satellite surround speakers and for these we went with Orb Audio speakers which are also very high quality but since we need less sound for the top, they dont have to be super fancy. We went with black to draw attention more to the chrome circle of speakers. We will see how this works- Gary at Orb Audio wants to see pics- he's going to get his mind blown, i'll tell ya that!

Last, but certainly not least, we needed a bass subwoofer to fill in for the frequencies that are between the transducers and the satellite speakers. Also some of the same frequencies as the transducers (which only are responsive from 5- 200 hz). The transducers deliver a tactile vibration and we want to smooth that over with more classic subwoofer action to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of smooshy juicy bass vibrations.

For the subwoofer, we went with Kali Audio 12" self powered sub. This will eliminate the need for a power supply on top of everything else it's pretty versatile and high quality sub.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as we next create some custom speaker holders, and we also begin work attaching the transducers to the platform in a removable way which is a painstaking job with lots of breath holding (drilling through acrylic). More soon!

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