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Summer Update-Full Steam Ahead!

We have some really big updates, friends! Thank you so much for your patience and for following along on our journey. I have a lot to say, so much has taken place in the last few months, and things are moving along quickly! I will summarize the highlights: • We have been testing our cymatics system on our volunteers (maybe 20 ppl so far) to get initial impressions and feedback- and have had amazing success with the sessions. People are impressed, soothed, wow'd and ready for more after trying the Sonosphere. We have received some really amazing feedback, like these testimonials: " Louisa Firethorne uses powerful transducers and specific materials to pass sound waves through the body at specific frequencies. It was so sci-fi! (More sci, than fi) She has been developing this project for more than ten years. There were layers of tones and vibrations, some that shook the room. She then moved through different frequencies until she found the frequency that resonated with my body. At that moment, the solid acrylic surface I was laying on took on a soft, almost liquid feel, and I lost a sense of my weight. I can’t quite describe it, but I could get a sense of my skeleton. I could feel a subtle yet deep vibration throughout my whole body. It left me felling relaxed and pretty euphoric. All of my cells got the best jostle ever. I know It is still in an early phase, but I see this, and other sound technologies being a big part of our future health care."

- Titus Kahoutek | Fitness Trainer and Coach + Physical Therapy " The Sonosphere helps facilitate healing on a cellular level by providing a somatic experience which passively demands that you fully inhabit your body. It invites your body and mind to surrender into a deep state of relaxation while activating a sensory journey that gently stimulates and at the same time, soothes the nervous system. Louisa and Rowan’s gentle guidance, attention and support cultivated a profoundly transformative session which resulted in similar sensations I’ve noticed after receiving full body massages, including physical and mental balancing, sinus activation and the enhancement of detoxification. This profound and novel creation integrating sound therapy, music, science and art assisted in transporting me to an altered state and a shift in perception from which it feels much healing may take place."

- Aristana F. | Herbalist, Creative Cultivator There are still many ppl who have not yet been asked to come volunteer, but who are still on our list. We sent out a questionnaire to our remaining volunteers last month, and those who replied will be first on our list when we go into our 'clinical trials' phase this fall. If you are still wanting to be a volunteer, please fill out the form. If you didn't get the form, please email me at and I will send you one. We will be open to the public soon! Read more below to find out our plan:

• We have been supported with a $10K business loan from several anonymous investors. We have taken that money into the foundation of our business and hired a patent attorney and a contract lawyer. We are pleased to report that we now have a USA UTILITY PATENT PENDING!! The patent office was very impressed with the Sonosphere- said that it was most definitely patentable, and is a novel and new idea! They said most patents these days are for digital assets and software, so it's been 'fun' for them to process this. Next we will be seeking a patent in Europe. After the utility patents are filed (protects a function or a process), we will also file for a design patent (patents a physical design and features).

Our contract lawyer is helping us write our legally binding disclaimer and waiver form for all Sonosphere participants, so that people fully understand the experimental nature of the Sonosphere project, and the risks involved with trying it (some people have conditions that could be aggravated by the Sonosphere, like people with pace-makers or recently broken bones.)

We want to insure that the Sonosphere becomes an international legacy, and not just a crazy art/science project. We want to create a sustainable business that helps ppl and isn't crazy focused on 'growth' over 'values'. We are creating a franchise program so that other people can open their own Sonosphere business and offer this sound medicine elsewhere around the US and Europe (to start out!) We are very excited for the prospects of a world-wide Sonosphere community.

• We have created our business plan for moving forward, including our vision, mission and values. We are creating our Sonosphere membership plan, and determining our pricing layout. We will be re-doing our website, and presenting all of this info just as soon as we get our final pictures of the finished Sonosphere 3.0- Here's an excerpt from our business plan executive summary:


Our mission is to offer a new therapeutic modality, through careful and deliberate stimulation of the

senses, by applying cymatic resonant frequencies to the human body, in combination with the layering of an immersive art therapy installation. The Sonosphere offers a pathway back to the subtle awareness of our physical body, transcending pain with the melting away of tension, and delivering next level relaxation while aiding in the healing process and treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, and other conditions. OUR VALUES: We value science and education. We seek to inspire the exploration of sound as a therapy in the scientific community by bringing new validity to the field of ‘sound healing’ through careful study, experimentation in a lab setting, and peer-reviewed, published results.

The Sonosphere is not a medical device. It is not designed to cure or diagnose any illness or disease. The Sonosphere is non-denominational and non-religious. Pending certain health regulations for safety, it is open to anyone regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation.

• Pioneering a new therapeutic technology, we believe that healing therapies and freedom from pain should be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities or people of limited means- because if it's inaccessible to the poor, it's neither radical nor revolutionary. Because of this, our business model will always provide 'sliding scale experience days' and session donations for those in need. We will also have several positions available for on-going clinical trials.

• As of right now, the Sonosphere has been disassembled and delivered to Skagit Powder Coating to get it's final polish and metal coatings. It is going to be shiny silver with a high-gloss, sparkly prismatic finish! SO EXCITED! In order to make the 'take-down' easier and not require 7 ppl, we invested in a shop crane! We got a 2-ton shop crane that is for picking up semi-truck engines- I made a harness using trucker straps that I tied together using my sailor knot tying skills, and it worked like a charm! literally went off without a hitch and we are so grateful to now be able to fully dismantle, move and reassemble the Sonosphere with just me and Rowan. • We got the speaker holders back from the CHROME shop= They are SO pretty! We are in love!

• We got the light covers laser cut for the arcs that will be lit up. These are ready to on just as soon as we re-assemble- which is scheduled for the first week of September. Everything is coming together and we have such a long list of ppl who want to try, that we decided that if we cannot find an appropriate location to open our business in September/Oct we will just open up here in our workshop/studio in La Conner! Currently looking at ways to transform the space into something more professional. • Lastly, I have updated the Sonosphere branding and business logo to stand out more on black background and to look really freak'n cool on our merch.

MORE SOON! STAY TUNED- WE ARE GOING THE DISTANCE <3 ::::::::::: From the Heart Sutra :::::::::


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