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The Base is the Foundation

Showing the new raw metal finished steel base components for the Sonosphere 3.0 fabricated by Sam Allen at Black Metal Works in Seattle. Ready for powder coating which is a protective paint for the surface. Powder coating will be done by Skagit Powder Coating.

The Sonosphere base holds up the whole entire Sonosphere contraption! It was designed by Louisa Firethorne and Rusty Oliver and fabricated by Sam Allen with updated handles for carrying around the heavy pieces when it gets taken apart for transport. In this photo, the legs are removed for transport and you can see the engine mount.

The base also has the motor housing attached at the bottom and 4 very long ‘legs’ that are made of heavy steel, and extend out to support the whole structure. The base also lets all of the wires for the whole device pass through the inside and out a hole in the bottom. All of the wires for the sound equipment and the lighting tech must pass through the base and it must be extremely tough to withstand 2 tons of weight.

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