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The Long Awaited Circular Acrylic Platform Is In!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

We had to rent a U-Haul trailer for this thing, it’s frickn heavy and huge! This 1 inch thick piece of acrylic plexiglas was shipped al the way from Texas in a huge sheet of material. It was ordered through the company Polymer Shapes of Seattle, and then a 7 ft. circle was cut out with a laser by Enco Displays in Seattle. There is a huge remanent and the circle itself weighs about 400 lbs.

This acrylic plexiglas material is typically used in high pressure aquarium tanks that hold whales and other large sea mammals. It is hard to acquire in small quantities and the rarity of the material makes it expensive. The shipping and cost of this material was around $4500. It took a long time for us to take the plunge in buying this piece of the project.

Regardless of the cost of this material, it is in fact the BEST material for the job at hand. 1” thick plexiglass is strong and can handle the weight of even an extra large human, spanned over 7ft. The acrylic is strong yet elastic to vibration and will not shatter like glass.

The circular platform will be adorned with a frosted image of a spiral geometry and the image will glow with LEDS around the edge of the platform. The frosted surface treatment will scatter the light and make a soft glow.

The geometric pattern that will be frosted/engraved into the surface of the acrylic circle will be the design below which is reminiscent of a cymatic resonance pattern. You can read more about cymatics and resonance on our website on THE SCIENCE page.

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