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What kind of music do we play on the Sonosphere?

We have been curating our special Sonosphere playlist for over 20 years. We choose well-produced, relaxing music that fills the whole frequency range from 5-10,000 hz, in a truly deep and rich tapestry of sound.


The composers and producers we've chosen are masters of their craft, and we are pleased to support and feature them in our Sonosphere sessions. Our top favorite artists are listed below, feel free to buy or listen.  If you prefer to bring your own music to your Sonosphere session, please bring it on a CD or flash-drive- Thanks!



Torkom Ji is a sound healer, meditation guide, and creator of Quantum Harmonix; a unique frequency healing modality. His original curated sound bath listening experience was developed over 11 years of dedicated study and is designed to quickly drop the listener into a deeply relaxed and therapeutic state by incorporating a variety of techniques and harmonic overtones that have been shown to effectively calm the body and center the mind.


Kyoto is the russian electronic musician/producer (the full name is Vitaliy Zenkov). Kyoto working in psychill, psybient, chillout, chillwave, space ambient, psybient, drone ambient, breaks, morning psytrance, atmospheric DnB, electronica styles. Vitaliy was the author of radioshow “Izoterika” on PsyRadio in 2010 - 2012 year. Kyoto has many albums and some tracks in various chill-out compilations.

Sonosphere Music 

Aes Dana
Monroe Institute
Kalputaru Tree

Source Vibrations
Carbon-Based Life Forms
Desert Dwellers
Kamal Dolphin Dream

Azam Ali
Phos Hilaron (Gregorian Chant)
Quantum Harmonix by Torkom Ji


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