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The Sonosphere is designed for one or two riders at a time and can safely hold up to 1000 lbs.  Choose a session type and time option below to book a session on our booking calendar.


After booking you will be sent location directions and also a questionnaire to customize the music and lighting for your session. Read more about our special rates for veterans, people with disabilities and others here. 

Booking Options

One Person Sessions
Sessions for Two People

These exclusive Sonosphere Therapeutic Music Producer sessions are a very special offer for one or 2 people at a time. These selected producers are masters of sound therapy music with decades of development and research under their belts. We proudly feature these exclusive sessions with music developed specifically for our haptic system and not available anywhere else.


Note that normal speakers don't go down to 20 hz like the Sonosphere- for best results, use headphones to sample this mix.


Give the Gift of Sound 

Gift a session to someone special or give someone a contribution towards a session with our e-giftcards! 

Your gift will be delivered to your recipient via an email.


**The Sonosphere is not a medical device [yet]. It has not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to cure or treat any disease. People who have pace-makers, epilepsy, regular or intermittent seizures, recently broken bones, or people who are pregnant should not use the Sonosphere. Additionally, anyone who has a history of nausea should use the Sonosphere without the spinning sphere. The Sonosphere is not a good choice if you have been drinking alcohol or are experiencing a hangover. The Sonosphere may cause nausea. The Sonosphere is a healing tool for the somatic release of emotion, we've created a safe space for that and though it may not happen for everyone, it should be expected as a common effect. The Sonosphere is known to activate or increase movement in the digestive system, the lymphatic system and the circulation system. If you have conditions pertaining to one of these previously mentioned, please check with your doctor first before participating in the Sonosphere Vibroacoustic Therapy. A full disclaimer can be found on our waiver form, which must be signed by each and every participant. Although we have gathered much research from similar FDA approved devices, the unique nature of the Sonosphere project is experimental, and there are no long term studies about it's unique effects at this time. Your participation is voluntary, and your consent with release of liability is required.


Subscribe with us and get 2 monthly Sonosphere sessions for a discounted rate!

Discounted Sessions


• The Sonosphere is non-denominational and non-religious. It is open to anyone regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. For safety reasons, people with certain health conditions should not participate.


• Pioneering a new therapeutic technology, we believe that freedom from pain should be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities or people of limited means- because if it's inaccessible to the poor, it's neither radical nor revolutionary.


• We value science and education. We seek to inspire the exploration of therapeutic cymatics in the scientific community. We are bringing new perspectives and experiences to the field of  ‘sound healing’, through careful study, and experimentation that expands and builds upon previous peer-reviewed clinical studies.


Sliding Scale Sunday is a monthly offering of discounted sessions to those who need them. Kids, elders, disabled and others who are in need can get a free or reduced rate session on the Sonosphere. Please call to inquire, or contact us HERE

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