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Louisa  Firethorne

Inventor  |  Designer  |  Artist

The Sonosphere was invented by Louisa Firethorne (maiden name McCuskey) in 2002, with more Sonosphere prototypes in 2008 and 2018. Louisa earned her Bachelor's degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa; a self-designed major from WWU's Fairhaven College, with minors in Physics and Materials Science. The Sonosphere began as her senior thesis project, with over 20 years in the making. Louisa comes from a family of engineers, artists, and manufacturers.


A life-long musician, vocalist, and electronics hobbyist, Louisa has set out on a journey of discovery to prove, scientifically, that sound has the power to heal the body through resonance & vibroacoustic therapy, perfected. She has shown her power as a designer with over 25 years of fine art creations including digital painting, fashion design, computer-based vector design, device construction, and website/branding design. Louisa has worked at Connex Electrosystems, Microsoft, Pro Marketing Works and has recently been a self-employed entrepreneur for the last 8 years. Louisa lives on Fidalgo Island with her husband Rowan, and two daughters Kelti  and Aerowyn.


Rowan  Firethorne

Music Producer | Live Audio Engineer

Rowan pursued worldly insight through studying the sciences at Western Washington University as he completed his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry. There, his life long love for computers and music converged into a fascination with digital audio synthesis and audio reproduction technologies, vibroacoustic therapy, and how that could impact the human body.


Rowan has 6 years experience in sound production using Ableton Live, Max for Live and 2 years experience building ambisonic decoders using Envelop, an open source software. He is a lifelong musician, DJ and master of melody, dedicated to learning techniques to sculpt the air into wave patterns one can feel passing through and over the body as various nodal points meet temporary resonance.


gui brotto natgeo.jpg

Gui brotto

Business Director

Gui is a serial entreprenuer, founder of ABLE TO REGENERATE CO., LTD and The Little Urban Farm, Gui believes that education is key to transform the world into a better place for future generations. 


Gui is an Educator and Storyteller for National Geographic and shares the passion and vision to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Gui used to work in the advertising industry as a creative for brands such as Nike and Coca Cola, but now Gui focuses on permaculture, sustainability and vibroacoustic therapy technologies. Gui is an advisor for Angela Taylor LLC, a company based in the US that creates blockchain technology. Gui is also Co-founder of Magical U, a game created to build emotional intelligence.


ANgela Taylor

Research & Development

Angela is an electrical and aerospace engineer with vast experience on satellite deployment and rocket launches. Angela worked as an avionics test and integration engineer for spaceflight, collaborating with clients such a SpaceX, India’s space launch NSIL/ISRO and Brazil’s INPE. Angela worked at Boeing as a flight test engineer, performing tests at flight altitudes on a variety of airplane models. She also worked as a teacher of science & math at The Attic Learning Community, an innovative educational center that focuses on intrinsic motivation, Piaget’s model of cognitive development, and project-based learning.


Currently Angela is the founder of her own company that focuses on Blockchain developments such as smartcontracts, DeFi’s and DAOs. Angela is in Based in Thailand and Portugal, and brings her experience from the aerospace industry to The Sonosphere. Angela’s role as Director of Research and Development is to understand, characterize and scientifically describe how the Vibroacoustic Therapy provided by The Sonosphere can positively impact people’s health.


Rusty Oliver

Director of Manufacturing

Rusty is the owner of All Metal Arts and Hazard Factory welding instruction and fabrication services in Seattle Wa. With over 30 years of professional experience in creating and teaching metal arts, he has been a very important partner in our Sonosphere prototyping process.


Rusty has been working with us on the Sonosphere project since 2008 when Louisa commissioned him to do the build on the Sonosphere 2.0 destined for shipping to England. Rusty has been instrumental in helping us with perfecting our engineering designs to enhance the safety, strength, and endurance of the Sonosphere metal structure.


Daniela falcon

Director of Sales & Marketing

• Manager of sales and outreach

• Maintains and runs social networks and CRM

• Manages Franchisees and Franchise contracts/orders


All Metal Arts Welding & Fabrication

Black Metal Arts Welding Services

Cutters- Laser Cutting & Waterjet Services

Skagit Powder Coat

Queen City Plating

Guitammer Company

Gallo Acoustics

Orb Audio

Polymer Shapes, Seattle

Reynold’s Advanced Materials

Quantum Harmonix (Los Angeles)

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