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SONOSPHERE PARTNERS in Cymatic Engineering

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Casey Attebery AKA Mr. E-Scholar

Casey is a published and cited mathematician with two advanced degrees in mathematics and a minor in physics, as well as over 15 years of tutoring and teaching at every level of education from pre-K to undergraduate mathematics courses. 

Apart from his teaching experience, he has been an independent math and acoustical physics research scientist for nearly two decades. From quantum computation to cymatics, he has studied, discovered and experimented with both standard paradigm theories and alternative ideas based on re-examining possible ancient technology. Currently, he is applying his research in cymatics and other areas of physics as well as sound healing to come up with some pretty interesting technology.

Check out Casey's FREE E-Scholar Academy and learn more about cymatics and sound science! Through exciting and educational videos and intriguing content at Mr. E-Scholar's Academy, MESA for short, 'Mr. E' the Mystery Scholar brings mathematical, scientific, and philosophical mysteries of the cosmos to your screen. Full of content for the entire family, this library of information is presented so that all that is required to learn is a desire to learn!

On Casey's website, you can also find his cymatics shop with a wide assortment of fine-art cymatics prints, apparel, therapeutic music albums, and more!

He can also make a cymatic print of your voice or your cats's meow!


We have developed some tantalizing prototypes of analog-cross-digital neopixel light ring controllers with concentric ring lights, ready to use for any DIY cymatics scientist or artist. The Halo Light System, as we call it, is the world’s first hand-held RGB neopixel light ring controller, currently with several models for financial accessibility. This product is near completion and is ready for prototype finalizations; I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this device!

While we enjoy the fruits of a new creation, we maintain our direction forward, aiming at releasing our fully-calibrated cymatics device called The Sonic Visualizer. Also developed with several models in mind, The Sonic Visualizer will be one of the most affordable, authentic, scientifically-calibrated and ready-to-use cymatics devices ever engineered. After co-inventing the CymaScope, Erik Larson set out to develop an accessible, at-home cymatics device that would launch cymatics into mainstream science and pop culture. Over the last year, he put together a dream-team of cymatics scientists from around the country who have met regularly to bring you a naturally-developed scientific device on par with the microscope and the telescope. With The Sonic Visualizer, you, too, can say #iseesound!

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