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“As a person who lives with complex PTSD, I was eager to experience the Sonosphere as my symptoms are varied and respond best to a holistic approach. From talk therapy and EMDR to exercise and nature therapy, I have found benefits from myriad modalities, and the Sonosphere offered a new, promising opportunity to explore. Additionally, as a musician, I found the Sonosphere’s innovative use of sound waves highly appealing. During my session, I felt safe, comfortable, and at ease. Louisa was a thoughtful, skilled guide. She walked me through the process of my session with care, and she made me feel secure throughout the experience. The Sonosphere itself was comfortable, as well as physically, visually, and aurally appealing, adding to the depth of my experience. As my session commenced, I experienced deep relaxation and healing through the aural massage of sound waves that Louisa tuned to my body’s specific frequencies.


The pleasingly overwhelming sensations, both physical and aural, allowed my mind to let go, and I was able to immerse myself in the moment. As my body resonated with the sound waves, I felt as though my cells resonated as one, bringing me fully into my body. While the experience did bring up traumatic memories, I felt safely detached from them, as though they were processing in the background. I was pleasantly surprised when feelings of grief bloomed in my chest and then evaporated. It felt as though this knot of grief, deep within me, was penetrated by the sound waves and massaged out.


Breathing exercises, yoga, and other activities have done little to alleviate the tightness I feel in my chest due to a traumatic loss, so I was ecstatic to finally experience this release during my Sonosphere experience. Several weeks after my session, I’m happy to report that the tightness in my chest has yet to return, and a peaceful, centered feeling remains throughout my body. I am grateful to have experienced the Sonosphere, and I will definitely be incorporating Sonosphere sessions into my holistic treatment plan.”


-S. Herrin

Clinically diagnosed survivor of complex trauma


“What a cool experience!  This is really exciting technology to me. I have been interested in cymatics and the potential of sound for therapeutic purposes for a long time. I was invited to the Sonosphere, designed and developed by Louisa Firethorne. She uses powerful transducers and specific materials to pass sound waves through the body at specific frequencies. It was so sci-fi! (More sci, than fi) She has been developing this project for more than ten years. There were layers of tones and vibrations, some that shook the room. She then moved through different frequencies until she found the frequency that resonated with my body. At that moment, the solid acrylic surface I was laying on took on a soft, almost liquid feel, and I lost a sense of my weight. I can’t quite describe it, but I could get a sense of my skeleton. I could feel a subtle yet deep vibration throughout my whole body. It left me felling relaxed and pretty euphoric. All of my cells got the best jostle ever.  I know It is still in an early phase, but I see this, and other sound technologies being a big part of our future health care.”

- Titus Kahoutek,

Seattle Wa Physical Therapist and Fitness Coach


“The Sonosphere helps facilitate healing on a cellular level by providing a somatic experience which passively demands that you fully inhabit your body. It invites your body and mind to surrender into a deep state of relaxation while activating a sensory journey that gently stimulates and at the same time, soothes the nervous system.”

- Aristana F.


" My experience with the Sonosphere completely met my high expectations, and went so beyond, deep diving into an unexpected profound bliss-state! Firstly, Louisa and Rowan provide such grounded compassionate guidance as facilitators, I felt safe to surrender and settle into presence within the trustworthy care that they offer. Immediately within laying down on the platform, with my body surrounded by the structure itself, I felt aligned into embodied presence even before the Sound therapy started. Then the vibrations began.... and holy, holy, I was not expecting such layered complexity!


I had assumed the sound resonating throughout the platform would be one unified blanketed tone, or song, or rhythm. Beginning with deep pulsing at the base of my spine, and then layer upon layer, harmonic undulations emerged like tides cresting throughout and around my body. Each layer had a different pulse, like sheaths of skin stacking and forming a body of novel, yet familiar harmony. I became informed, shaped, penetrated by, and immersed in this great Sea of sound. Specifically between my eyebrows and sinus cavity, the sound came in like waves flooding into those hollow coves.


Intimately, profoundly, pure and non-intrusively, I had a Tantric union with sound itself. In Sanskrit, the word Tantra translates literally to "loom, weave, warp". The threads of sound, body, harmony, and an actual platform, provided the foundation to effortlessly ease into a deeply embodied ecstatic experience. I have years of formal training and organic arising of grounding/embodying presence through the heart and altered states of consciousness and healing modalities. So, I was not surprised, but more in an awe-state of Gratitude for the immeasurable wholeness and sovereignty resulting from the experience.


The fluidity of my body and being after a fairly short period with the Sonosphere felt as if I had been soaking in hot springs for hours. Or trance-danced for a whole night, or finished a long meditation practice. In the evening-time after my session, I had the opportunity to lay on the earth with the sun for a few hours. It was like having another session, because the wave patterns still permeated throughout my being. In actuality, I believe that those patterns are originally a part of our bodies, but they become distorted, and the Sonosphere offers the capacity to weave them back into the beauty of what inherently Is!"

- Alyssa K. 


“No words shared, oral or written, can fully describe The Sonosphere experience.  For absolutely any purpose, whether you have a healing intention or are simply into an out-of-this-world voyage guided by wizards of light, sound, science and good old-fashioned felt effect..  I encourage you to go out of your way to get into The Sonosphere.  You'll thank... everything.”

- D. Gennety

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