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MIT Study finds 40hz vibrations reduce Alzheimer’s pathology, symptoms in mouse models

"Tactile stimulation [at 40 hz] improved motor performance, reduced phosphorylated tau, preserved neurons and synapses and reduced DNA damage, a new study shows. Vibrotactile stimulation at 40 Hz may thus be considered as a promising therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative diseases with motor deficits."

At Vibroacoustix, we are always keeping an eye on the most up-to-date clinical studies that apply to our Sonosphere vibroacoustic therapy and our signature resonance frequency treatment of 40hz with added harmonics. If you'd like to see more related clinical studies on 40 hz. See our dedicated website page for more scientific peer-reviewed studies:

Sonosphere sessions are currently available by appointment only in LA CONNER, WA! Our Sonopshere session GIFT CARDS make the perfect gift for anyone who could use a restorative life experience! Witness the world's strongest sound wave massage. It's worth the trip!

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