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New Session- Quantum Harmonix by Torkom Ji

We are now offering a very special 45 min experience called Quantum Harmonix that was custom curated for the Sonosphere by Torkom Ji, our new friend and sound bath guru from L.A.

Torkom contacted us back before we ever finished the Sonosphere and gave us encouragement. You see, he had spent over a decade studying and creating sounds that could take a person into a deep state of consciousness. In his work he used a sub-pack to write his music into the haptic bass range. (A sub-pack is a vest you can wear with haptics in it). Torkom was elated that we were building new hardware that could play his music under 200 hz in a more realized way.

Torkom’s support and enthusiasm definitely helped propel us to finish. He was also one of the first ppl to get on a plane to come try the Sonosphere, for which we were quite honored. His visit here in January massively inspired all of us and prompted us to go deeper into collaboration.

Today Torkom’s special mix is available to the public on our Sonosphere sessions in La Conner and will also be one of the choices for our special dome sessions we are doing in L.A. this August.

From Left, Rowan Firethorne, Michael Shears, Louisa Firethorne and Torkom Ji at Alternity event space in downtown Los Angeles.

Quantum Harmonix is for DEEP relaxation, meditation and total coherence of thought. I was amazed at how my scattered thoughts reunited like lightning, My body cradled and massaged by rich layers of intricate overtone harmonics and deep bass. This session, like all of our sessions, goes into the haptic range (<200 hz) and feels amazing. This 45 min session is for one person only, and trust us, you def want the Sonosphere all to yourself for this. There is a sample of the music on our booking page- LINK DOWN BELOW↓

Here's what Torkom has to say about his exclusive Quantum Harmonix mix that he made exclusively for the Sonosphere.

" QUANTUM HARMONIX is a unique sound-based meditative and healing technology. The powerful tones produced incorporate natural fluidity & movement, and have been shown to have profound effects on the mind, body, consciousness of an individual. Q.H. sounds are designed to lead one through an effortless and powerfully restorative meditation experience invoking relaxation, and expanded creativity It also promotes improved sleep quality. productivity, increased focus, and decreased stress. The music is layered live and explores acoustical phenomena, white/pink noise, low-mid-high range frequencies; all folded into a tapestry of real time musical compositions. "


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