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The Sonosphere is landing in Los Angeles Aug/Sept 2023 NOW PREBOOKING!

Ok Friends here’s a big announcement! We have been planning a very special event series in Los Angeles in August/Sept and we are ready to bring the Sonosphere to meet more of her ppl! Thank you to Torkom Ji, our new friend and fellow sound bath composer for helping us make this possible. The Sonosphere LLC will be at Alternity event space in downtown LA, inside of a geodesic dome with live 360 visuals by Michael Shears who designs lighting shows for Lightning in a Bottle festival.

On the Sonosphere, we are offering multiple different CUSTOM LIVE sessions by Rowan, me and Torkom Ji of Quantum Harmonix. All of the sessions are curated for a certain benefit/outcome but all are Vibroacoustic sound therapy sessions with sound bath layered. It feels so good to find our sono-luminescent tribe and join others who have dedicated their lives to creating healthful and inspiring experiences for humans.

Participants on the Sonosphere will be able to choose a session featuring our patented Vibroacoustic Custom frequency tuned resonance platform. Choose from 3 different customized sound therapy sessions curated by Vibroacoustix (Rowan and Louisa Firethorne) and Quantum Harmonix (Torkom Ji)

Sessions will take place in the dome and be available with or without 360 visuals at different price points.

Please see our website for details:

During our trip, our washington location will be closed (months of Aug/Sept 2023) If you’ve been meaning to try the Sonosphere in Washington, be sure to book your session now before we leave!

Also PREBOOKING FOR OUR L.A. VISIT IS ESSENTIAL for this event to happen, so please book now to reserve your spot!

Thank you so much for all of your support.

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This is So exciting, and happy to hear you are taking the beautiful and magical Sonosphere to LA! Wow, a shout out message to LA…

“ People, sign up right away and buckle your happiness seatbelts!!!! This is an experience of a lifetime. The Sonosphere is a splendid divinely inspired creation and so exceptional in it’s range of shimmering & deeply nourishing multi-dimensional light and sound resonance. Louisa & Rowan tune this cosmic orb to your unique & expansive frequency!”

Congratulations to you and to the visionary beings at Alternity for this amazing offering to their LA community! This collaborative idea is inspired!!!

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