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Dive Deeper into sound & MUSIC

The Sonosphere is an immersive sound experience and powerful haptic sound massage with over 20 years in the making. It's a next-level vibroacoustic therapy device comprised of a sphere-shaped acoustic flux field. The Sonosphere is for experiencing the full-body effect of resonance using cymatic principles to set up standing waves in the human body.

The powerful therapeutic effects of resonance on the human body have been well cited in
clinical studies. The Sonosphere can be incredibly relaxing- as well as entertaining, but it can also serve as a powerful tool to aid in many different healing processes*.

The Sonosphere ExperieNce

• Induces standing waves in the human body and holds up to 1000 lbs. of weight. 

• Quickly delivers a deep feeling of relaxation and subtle euphoria, encouraging the body to release tension

• Is the first of it's kind in being BOTH therapeutic AND entertaining/recreational

• Uses tactile haptics (cymatic system) as well as a 12.1 3D surround sound (ambisonic system).
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Session Like?

• A fully immersive interactive installation art  environment. The room has been darkened into a galaxy with moving, glowing stars. 

• Receive a custom mixed sound session where we tune the haptic system in the Sonosphere with your weight added, and create multiple custom resonance chords.

• We layer these chords with relaxing &
magical soundscape music that we've curated for this purpose. However, you are welcome to bring your own music on a flash-drive, if you prefer.

• The sound platform is a hard, flat surface. It includes squishy silicone body pads that provide comfort and transmit vibration. Usual padding like pillows and blankets would cause dampening, by absorbing sound waves. If desired, we do provide weighted blankets, warming pads and knee bolsters. We sanitize the Sonosphere after every session.

• The Sonosphere is a powerful piece of hardware, capable of producing a very strong acoustic flux field at high decibel. We start the session volume out softly and slowly work up to the top volume you can comfortably stand. The more volume you can handle, the more deeply the vibration can enter your body. We can accommodate any level of sensitivity.

• The Sonosphere can hold one or two people at a time. Two people are allowed in the 60 and 90 min sessions. Inside the Sonosphere, laying down in supine position is the recommended way to ride the but we also encourage you to stretch, sit up, and move around as you need. There is a slightly different auditory experience sitting up vs laying down. You will hear doppler and overtone harmonics either way.


**The Sonosphere is not a medical device [yet]. It has not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to cure or treat any disease. People who have pace-makers, epilepsy, regular or intermittent seizures, recently broken bones, or people who are pregnant should not use the Sonosphere. Additionally, anyone who has a history of nausea should use the Sonosphere without the spinning sphere. The Sonosphere is not a good choice if you have been drinking alcohol or are experiencing a hangover. The Sonosphere may cause nausea. The Sonosphere is a healing tool for the somatic release of emotion, we've created a safe space for that and though it may not happen for everyone, it should be expected as a common effect. The Sonosphere is known to activate or increase movement in the digestive system, the lymphatic system and the circulation system. If you have conditions pertaining to one of these previously mentioned, please check with your doctor first before participating in the Sonosphere Vibroacoustic Therapy. A full disclaimer can be found on our waiver form, which must be signed by each and every participant. Although we have gathered much research from similar FDA approved devices, the unique nature of the Sonosphere project is experimental, and there are no long term studies about it's unique effects at this time. Your participation is voluntary, and your consent with release of liability is required.

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